What is mind games dating

For example, if you’re angry at how he didn’t text you back about something important, he’ll go to town with an excuse about how terrible his day was so you can feel sorry for him. Sadly, a manipulator will see your kindness as weakness and your ability to give the benefit of the doubt as something that makes you an easy target.For example, when you confront him about how his flirtatious comments to other women aren’t right, he’ll say, “How can you doubt that I love you?Chamin has blogged extensively about mindful dating on chaminajjan.com, and developed a unique mindful dating model that she uses in her psychotherapy practice.She lives with her husband, daughter and newborn son in Brooklyn, New York.

She is a licensed clinical social worker who did her undergrad work at the University of California, Berkeley, and attended graduate school at Columbia University.

Or the way we are conditioned to hold no prisoners when we find the perfect pair of jeans at a sample sale. First of all, take a deep breath and show yourself some compassion and kindness!

Dating can be hard and cause all kinds of emotions and thoughts to rise to the surface.

With all of the moving pieces and strategy to keep in mind, we are getting lost in the game and forgetting one simple fact…dating is not a competition!

It is about seeing if there is a connection between you and a potential partner. Now, you might be asking yourself, how YOU could possibly be participating in the dating mind games you hate so much.

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